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Hand Surgery Austin TX
Surgery Scheduling

Austin Hand Group is commited to assisting the patient with surgery scheduling needs by designating surgery scheduler, Keaton Parker , to liason between patient, Austin Hand Group and the facility. Keaton can be reached by several methods:

  • PHONE  (512 327-4263, Option 2) Please note that during non-patient hours you will reach him "live", but during direct patient clinic hours you may receive a voicemail that is checked throughout the day but may not be responded to until the end of clinic or next morning.  

  • VOICEMAIL - Please leave a message with name, contact number and all pertinent information regarding surgery scheduling.  

  • FAX (512 327-4265)  

  • EMAIL - Please utilize the surgery scheduling question portal below and your request will be routed directly to him and responded by email or phone.


Dr. Ira Lown operates at several ambulatory and outpatient surgery facilities through out the Austin area. The surgical facility at which patient is scheduled will be dependent on many factors including insurance in network participating facilities, preferred date of procedure, nature of surgical case, and ect.  Keaton will help guide selecting the surgical facility that best meet patient's needs. Operating days typically are mornings;  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 


The evening after your surgery, expect a call from Austin Hand Group to check on you, review your post operative instructions and schedule your post operative visit.



  • Signing Surgical Consent and completing a current H&P with the physician.

  • Contacting patient's insurance carrier to obtain referrals/prior authorization and cost estimate for the surgeon's allowable fees.

  • Contacting patient to discuss surgical dates, times and choice of facility.

  • Patient's will be provided with financial responsibility information obtained from insurance carrier and the estimated surgeon's fee only will be collected prior to surgery.  If unable to pay surgeon fee at time of scheduling surgery date, the patient will be requested to contact the financial department for clearance prior to confirmation of scheduling.

  • Facility will be forwarded the surgical order/patient demographics, copy of insurance card, and any special needs or medical clearances. Fees paid to surgeon will be noted as "amount paid to surgeon" in order for the facility to calculate the most accurate patient responsibility by deducting the surgeon fee from your remaining deductible and/or out of pocket. 



In preparation for your surgery, the facility/surgery center will contact you with pre-operative instructions such as when to stop eating and drinking and medications that can be taken prior to your procedure. You will also be provided your arrival time for the surgery, typically 1 1/2 to 2 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the procedure. 


Fees/charges by the facility may include separate billing for facility and anesthesiology fees.  Austin Hand Group only has access to the estimated surgeon's fees, please discuss any facility / anesthesiology or other related fees with the facility/surgery center.  Once the facility has received your surgery information they should contact you with a cost estimate for their charges and a contact number to obtain the anesthesiology fees. 

Surgery Scheduling Questions?

 If you have any questions regarding scheduling your surgery please complete the form below  and our surgery scheduler will contact you within one business day. 

Success! Message was sent. Our surgery scheduler will contact you within one buisness day.

Disclaimer: This form is not intended for post operative questions/complications. If this is an emergency please contact 911 or if this is an urgent matter or post operative complication or question please call our office at (512) 327-4263.

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